Repair & Maintenance

Since 2007, quality service and personalized advice have been our top priorities.

Specialized in the repair and maintenance of aerial lift equipment, our team responds to all your requests:

  • Annual preventive maintenance
  • Oil change
  • Filter change
  • Repair in workshop
  • Repair on site
Parts & service

Need parts?

Skytech Elevation also offers a complete parts and accessories department for all brands.

We assure you at all times a large inventory of parts to be delivered quickly throughout Quebec!

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Repair & Maintenance

Mobile Service Units

An equipment break-down on the job site? Just contact us to have it repaired. Our mobile service units will move quickly to ensure the proper working of your aerial lift equipment so that you can resume your operations without delay.

We Repair and Maintain Your Equipment

Plan a Preventative Maintenance


The inspection of your boom lifts, aerial platforms and telehandlers by certified professionals aims to ensure the proper working of your aerial lift equipment. Rely on our team's expertise for a complete inspection in accordance with current standards.

Why have your lifting equipment inspected?

Required by the CNESST, the annual preventive mechanical inspection performed by Skytech Elevation guarantees that your lifting equipment is in perfect working order. You can thus strengthen the safety of your employees, while reducing the costs related to repairs and unplanned shut-down. This increases your employees’ safety of and the profitability of your company!


About CSA's Standards and CNESST

Effective in 2020, new standards for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) have come into effect in Canada. Anyone who engages in MEWP operations must now create a work system and conduct a risk assessment.

Call on our team to train your MEWP operators in the use, inspection and operation of aerial platforms and boom lifts.


Inspection Certificate

Receive an annual mechanical inspection certificate for your lifting equipment.

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Structural inspection

The structural inspection verifies the integrity of the structure and its stability. Performed under the supervision of an engineer, this inspection is also required by the CNESST when transferring ownership. It must be done 10 years after the construction of any aerial platform (scissor lift), boom lift or telehandler, and every 5 years thereafter.

Other circumstances may also require a structural inspection. Ask our team to find out if a structural inspection is required for your equipment to comply.

Training In The Workplace

Recognized by Emploi-Québec, our team offers training that is eligible under the Skills Act, commonly known as the "1% law". Whether it is for the use of aerial platforms, boom lifts or personal lifts, our training will allow your workers to operate this equipment in a safe and professional manner according to the standards in effect.

Each of our trainings is adapted to your needs and your work environment. Contact us if you have any questions about our in-company training or if you would like to receive a detailed quote.

Emploi Québec

Competency Certificate

We give a competency certificate to each participant who successfully completes one of our trainings. This proof of training (lift permit) is mandatory for any operator in charge of an aerial platform, boom lift or MEWP.

Our Personalized Workplace Trainings

Aerial platforms and boom lift - MEWP

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